Wheelbarrow Size Guide: What Size Do I Need?

Wheelbarrows are used for various purposes in the garden as well as the construction sites. Unfortunately, no size fits all purposes. You may find people suggesting the 600lbs gorilla cart instead of a regular wheelbarrow model. How do you know what size wheelbarrow will fit your needs now, and later?

Eyeing this fact, I recommend reading the brief wheelbarrow size guide to choose the best for you. It will give you some idea to pick the best size that suits your needs the best.

The volume of materials you need to move

This is the prime consideration when it comes to buying a wheelbarrow.

The unit of measurement for materials in the garden such as mulch, soil, debris, and others is a cubic yard. The unit of measurement of the wheelbarrow volume or the load capacity is in cubic feet.

1 cubic yard of load occupies 27 cubic feet volume. This means, to move 1 cubic yard of soil from your lawn with a 2 cubic feet wheelbarrow, you can clear up all the stuff in 14 rounds. If this is a daily job, you need a bigger model.

For what purpose do you use the wheelbarrow?

The wheelbarrow is used for moving stuff in the garden and at the construction factory. If you are looking for a garden cart for a small to mid-sized lawn, any average wheelbarrow of 2-4 cubic feet can serve your needs.

Ideal Wheelbarrow Size for Various Needs

The worksite is the prime factor that you must consider to determine the wheelbarrow size. Herein are the size recommendations depending on the job at various sites:

Home Garden

The residential garden area is relatively small, where you may need to move a bit of mulch, soil, fertilizers, pots, and so on. If that’s on your mind, we recommend using any regular 2 cubic feet plastic basin wheelbarrow. You may be moving through smaller spaces on the soft soil. The single tire models are suited for maneuvering in smaller areas.

Check out our wheelbarrow buying guide for some choices!

Construction Site

Your material transferring job can get strenuous when working at a construction site. The load is generally too heavy. For this reason, we suggest using the wheelbarrow or cart with deep metallic (galvanized steel) basin. You are likely to move through uneven surfaces and debris. The wheelbarrows with pneumatic tires are suitable for such jobs.

In this case, the large trolley carts are more suitable for the job. However, some high-quality wheelbarrow models on the market can serve your purpose too.

Commercial Gardening

The job is similar to that in the home garden to some extent. However, the workload and the volume of materials to move may be too much for the 2 cubic feet models. Consider choosing the 4 cubic feet or larger polyurethane basin wheelbarrow for such jobs. It is preferable to choose a cart with 2 pneumatic wheels to ease mobility and load sharing.

Animal Farm

Animal farms are generally spread over a large area. The nature of materials you need to work with are also quite different from those used in the garden or at the construction site. Go for a larger model to escape the hassles of undergoing more trips every day.

More than the size, it is the basin material that can be a matter of concern. Dealing with highly corrosive manure every day can be a tough challenge if you are using a metal basin. Toughened plastic basins are designed to perfection for such jobs.

Lastly, we also suggest using a motorized wheelbarrow for larger jobs and commercial purposes.