Best Wheelbarrow Reviews 2020 – Buying Guide

No matter it’s gardening or lawn care, a solid wheelbarrow is a gardener’s wingman. And from every viewpoint, we mean it!

But when you are out in the market to buy one, things don’t sound so sweet anymore. With so many given options in the market, this simple choice can turn into a real dilemma.

In the end, you have to choose between two options. One- a few trial and errors to find the best wheelbarrow for gardening. And two- a wise and analytical purchase decision.

And as you’ve landed on this web-page, we guess you’re with the second choice.

So, buckle up your seat-belt and let us take you through our hand-picked top 10 wheelbarrows. We’ve broken down the specs and features into bite-sized chunks.

Top 10 Best Wheelbarrow Reviews 2020

1. WORX Aerocart – Best Wheelbarrow for All-Purpose

Key Features

  • All steel construction makes it very strong and durable.
  • Extended with arms, so you can carry 380+ lbs at a time.
  • Tires are strong and flat-free, no maintenance needed.
  • Foldable extension arms that can be used to carry mulch bags, flower pots, etc.
  • 2-wheel design that makes it more balanced and less hectic to move.
  • There is a bag attachment that helps you pick up dirt and leaves.


Welcome to the crown winner of today’s list, the mighty Worx Aerocart Wheelbarrow. It had earned the place for multiple reasons, which, we will unfold below –

The very first impressor of this wheelbarrow is it’s all steel construction, where other uses poly plastics. Moving down, we found a couple of state of art wheels, who don’t need inflating. So, 90% of your maintenance efforts are taken care of here. And the overall aesthetics and style would definitely add to your garden’s beauty.

That was about the impressive design of the pick. But what about the capacity?

The Aerocart wheelbarrow is spacious and can take up to 300 lbs weight. On top of that, it is designed in such a way that 200-lbs load will feel like just 17 lbs. So, carrying loads of stuff won’t feel hectic for even a beginner user.

Apart from the main compartment, the extension arms are also useful to carry loads. It can take loads up to 80 lbs. Its long foldable arms can carry pots and rocks too.

So, together, it can intake around 400 lbs single-handed.

Now, let’s get aware of a tiny drawback-

As you can see, it’s a 2-wheel wheelbarrow. Therefore, it’s difficult to move around tighter corners in the garden. But if you have a spacious ground, this won’t even knock on your door.

Despite this ignorable issue, it’s definitely the best wheelbarrow for gardening.

Watch How It Works

  • As it has two wheels, managing heavy loads become easy.
  • It can be used as hand truck, potted plant mover, bag holder, cylinder holder, etc.
  • It is capable enough to move heavy items like rocks and bricks.
  • The bag attached to the wheelbarrow can be used to collect dirt.
  • It has a fold out dolly that can be used to transport heavy items like soil, compost, firewood, etc.
  • Not a great fit for narrow and less spacious gardens.

2. Marathon Yard Rover – wheelbarrow under $100

Key Features

  • One of the best 2-wheel wheelbarrows available today.
  • Ergonomic design makes it easy to lift and carry by users of any age.
  • It has great balancing and maneuvering capacity.
  • It can take load up to 300 pounds.
  • The tires are flat-free making it easy to move around.
  • It has a loop handle, so you can hang it on the walls of your garage without wasting any floor space.


If you are limited within budget, this is the perfect for a small garden indeed. It has a strong construction and needs low maintenance. In addition, it can carry lots of loads. You don’t need much lifting effort to move this wheelbarrow around your garden. It can be used by people of all ages.

With this wheelbarrow, you won’t have to worry about carrying loads around your garden. The design is meant to give the gardener comfort while using it. This one is very well designed. It is very useful for your garden and you can use it for simple construction works as well. If you are looking for something simple and easy to use then you should buy this wheelbarrow.

Comparing to the price to what it serves us with, it’s definitely the best value wheelbarrow of the market.

  • It’s lightweight and not much lifting power is needed to push it.
  • It can carry lots of things including logs, top soils, debris, rocks, etc.
  • Wheels are well designed. They are easily inflatable as well.
  • The wheelbarrow is well balanced so there is less risk of tipping over. It is corrosion free which makes it durable.
  • If you want to carry heavy loads always then this wheelbarrow may not be the ideal choice for you.
  • It doesn’t have enough capacity to move around items that are too heavy.
best wheelbarrow for gardening

3. Garden Star 70019  – Best Budget Wheelbarrow

Key Features

  • 4 cubic foot insider space to carry your gardening essence.
  • 150 to 250 pounds of maximum load capacity.
  • Pretty much minimalistic design, making it easy to carry.
  • Features a couple of air-filled tires to transport.
  • High quality built with solid poly material.
  • Good balance while holding, even for short users.


When it’s about garden wheelbarrow, it’s quite hard to meet both ends of price and quality. Many cheap models hardly last for a couple of months, and that’s terrific for any gardener.

At this point in our wheelbarrow review, we’ve decided to put an end to your struggle. And as the change maker, let’s call up the Garden Star 70019 Garden Barrow.

For some of the gardeners (specially newbies), setting up a wheelbarrow seems like a rocket science. But this had just been made easy with this wheelbarrow that we’re talking about. All you need is to put 6 bolts into their places. And it’s ready to work.

As we’re talking about a budget wheelbarrow here, we can’t expect it to carry a one thousand pounds, right? However, the weight capacity of this mode doesn’t disappoint us at all. You can easily carry around 150-250 pounds in general.

At first glance, the body of the tub might seem just as a mediocre plastic. But hey, we’re talking about a Marastar product here. It’s made with premium grade ploy, which is able to deal with most of your gardening waste, mulch, dirt, gravel, and even sand!

So, what’s the wrap-up? Well, it’s definitely not the highest capable gardening barrow at all. But occasional gardeners hardly seek for something like that. It’s compact, easy to operate, and doesn’t cost a fortune at all.

In case you’re willing to get this best budget wheelbarrow, this is a definite shot!

  • Compact, lightweight and perfect for mediocre gardening.
  • Perfect for arthritic gardeners.
  • Simple and wide opening for easy load and unload.
  • A compact profile makes it easy to roam with.
  • A budget-friendly model to meet your needs.
  • Doesn’t have any framing
  • No lock-unlock mechanism found for dirt releasing.
best wheelbarrow for gardening

4. Gorilla Carts GOR6PS – Best Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow

Key Features

  • The framework is very strong and so it is durable.
  • Its poly bed doesn’t need any maintenance and can be cleaned easily.
  • The tires are strong and well designed to move in any terrain. You can move past gravel, mulch or heavy dirt with ease.
  • A convertible 2-in-1 handle that makes you pull the cart using your hands or allows you to tow it at the back of a lawn tractor.
  • It has a height of 26.2 inches and a weight of 60 pounds making it comfortable to be used by anyone.
  • GOR6PS has a unique dumping feature that makes unloading very easy.


Gorilla Carts have an innovative design that can make a wonderful addition to your garden. It is quick to assemble and has lots of interesting features to make your gardening tasks convenient. It has 4 wheels that make it more balanced and improves its maneuvering capability.

This cart is ideal for both homeowner and commercial users. Its design is unique with 4 wheels and a sturdy body. It can reduce fatigue and save time when you haul mulch, gravel or dirt. The wide 13-inch tire can move through any harsh terrain without causing any damage to the tires. It has 1200 lb hauling capacity that lets you carry heavy items easily. Its front pull handle allows easy movement.

Therefore, we have labeled it as the best heavy-duty wheelbarrow for professional works.

The tray is easy to clean up and it’s quick release dumping system makes it easy to get rid of dirt and other things that you have collected from your garden.

You need to give extra effort to pull the latch lever to lock it back to the original place. Spring tension would have made the work easier. The weight of the cart can be a problem for some people as it is not as lightweight as the other wheelbarrows.

Gorilla Carts GOR6PS cart has a huge capacity to move around heavy items. The tires can do an awesome job in moving around difficult areas. It is ideal for extensive gardening works.

The best thing about this wheelbarrow is that it has heavy duty construction. So, it can carry heavy loads without causing any damage.

  • Quick release dumping for saving up precious time.
  • Poly bed and steel frame give ample durability together.
  • 13 inches wide tires to move on hardest surfaces.
  • 1200-pound hauling capacity.
  • Padded and comfortable handle.
  • Balanced, 4-wheel design for maximum control.
  • Weighs almost 60 pounds, which is quite heavy to carry.
best heavy-duty wheelbarrow

5. Ames True Temper

Key Features

  • Very well constructed and designed to last for a long time.
  • It is lightweight, so you will need less effort to move it around.
  • Rust proof poly tray, so you can use it for a long time and transport various kinds of materials.
  • This barrow has hardwood handles allows easy grip.
  • It is ideal for carrying stones, cement, dirt, and other materials.
  • Ames True Temper has pneumatic tires for easy movement and H brace at the back for extra support.
  • 8 cubic ft has a 2-wheel that has tray braces at the front.


The AMES True Temper 8 Cubic Foot is a heavy duty wheelbarrow which is able to carry heavy loads around your garden or construction places. It has corrosion proof poly and steel front tray brace that makes it durable.

A wheelbarrow is needed regularly for gardening and construction works. It can easily carry materials from one place to another. This one has all the features to meet the requirements of a gardener or construction worker.

They have strong construction and amazing features to make your gardening or construction work comfortable.

  • It’s hardwood handles make it very comfortable to push.
  • This is lightweight and so anyone can move it around without too much effort.
  • Ames True Temper is rust proof so you can carry any materials without causing any damage to the body.
  • It has huge capacity; so you can carry loads of materials at a time.
  • Gardens and construction sites can have different terrains. While this wheelbarrow works fine on flat surfaces, it can be difficult to move it up hilly yards because of its height.
best wheelbarrow

6. Gorilla Carts GOR200B  – Best Commercial Wheelbarrow

Key Features

  • An impressively high 600-pound weight carriability.
  • Steel cover, along with poly made tub gives a promise of durability.
  • 10 inches wide pneumatic turf tires for optimal support.
  • Quick release dump for unloading stuff quickly.
  • Weather resistance with the black finishing coat.
  • Weighs 35 pounds only, takes no hassle in carrying.


A flat and straight tub face is many of our desire as long as the design of a gardening wheelbarrow is concerned. The benefit of such design is, you can load and unload it quite fast.

However, the next model on the podium is the Gorilla Carts GOR200B Poly Garden Dump Cart. And this model focuses on that kind of flat tub design that we were talking about.

Let’s learn more in depth of its features and specs-

GOR200B is one of the most familiar models from Gorilla Carts, who had mastered in manufacturing in gardening carts and wheelbarrows. This version is, however, is solely made for commercial gardening and landscaping projects. And we recognize it as the best commercial wheelbarrow.

So, what benefits it does provide the gardeners with?

First of all, it’s the structure of the tub, made of high-quality poly and a frame made of steel. On top of that, it comes with a fine coat as weather protection. As you can see, it’s full of promises of years of durability. Finger crossed!

A quick and smart feature that we’ve noticed in this model is the quick release dump. With this, you can release the items in the tub just within a couple of seconds. Impressive, right?

Moving on, the tire might look quite thick at first place. But 10 inches of width is not so insufficient at all, as long as you’re not a professional caregiver. Comparing to its size, the carriage capacity is impressively high (600 pounds).

But we afraid, if the items are way too bulky in size, the mediocre sized tub can’t house them all.

Gorilla Carts GOR200B Quick Assembly Tips

  • Lightweight, low profile design.
  • Massive carrying capacity.
  • Steel frame cover on the poly-made tub.
  • Quite spacious, straight tub surface.
  • Durable for years without prior maintenance.
  • For bulky loads, the 10” tire width might shake the cart a lot.
best commercial wheelbarrow

7. Polar Trailer 8449 – Best Wheelbarrow for Mulch

Key Features

  • 7 cubic feet tub, can contain more than 400 pounds of weight on it.
  • The overall wheelbarrow weighs just 35 pounds, therefore, it’s super easy to carry even for kids.
  • The rugged tires are made of high-quality rubber, giving it an optimal load capacity.
  • To avoid jamming or sudden breakage, there are shielded ball bearings to carry the load.
  • The hauling is quite easy to do, even with a heavy load.


No matter you call it a cub cart, a hauling cart or merely a wheelbarrow, Polar Trailer 8449 will be one of our all-time favorite models for today’s concern. Ask us why? Well, here we go-

For its compact size, the 400lb containing capacity seems more than enough. The strong and impactful polyethylene tub, the couple of rugged tires, and the ball bearing on the wheels- it’s a perfect symbol of durability.

Overall, it makes your gardening chores super easy, time after time.

The next big question is- what sort of material is ideal to carry along with this wheelbarrow? Well, we have seen people to carry mulch, rock, dirt, leaves, firewood, and whatnot. In a nutshell, it’s an all-in-one gardener’s transport solution. So, if chores like mulching are your concern, here goes the best wheelbarrow for mulch.

The volume of the polyethylene made tub is 7 cubic feet, which seems pretty much okay. As long as you’re not a professional gardening caregiver, this should sound okay for you.

They call the wheels of this model ‘The wide track tires’, and it has its reasons. The wheels are 16 inches in width, and they come with a solid, rugged structure. To make sure that the tires go well, there are a set of shielded ball bearings. No hard maintenance, no troubleshooting!

  • 400 pounds of massive load capacity.
  • An overall tub volume of 7 cubic feet.
  • Lightweight, easy to transport even while loaded.
  • Convenient handles for people of all heights.
  • Wide, 16 inches rubber made tire.
  • Maintenance and jamming free design.
  • For tall users, handing this wheelbarrow can be a hard task.
best wheelbarrow for mulch

8. 24 Volt Power Assist – Best Electric Wheelbarrow

Key Features

  • It has 24-V battery operated drive system that makes it easy to move around.
  • This wheelbarrow has an easy push button to move forward and backward.
  • Total capacity to carry about 200 lbs of load.
  • The various forward speed gear allows you to move to places.
  • It is constructed with a steel frame and it has 13 in. tires that are able to carry heavy loads.
  • 24 Volt Power Assist operates on 12V batteries.
  • 6 cubic feet poly tub available.
  • Very easy to assemble the components.


It is an outstanding electric wheelbarrow with 24-V battery operated drive system. It can take up to 200 lbs of load. It’s two wheels make it easy to turn and move around the garden. The controls are easy and anyone can use it with ease.

As the wheelbarrow is battery operated, it makes maneuvering much easier. You don’t need to push hard to move it around. It’s easy to push-button control lets you move the wheelbarrow forward or backward with ease. You will be able to carry sand, sod, rocks, etc. on level ground and also on a 150 incline.

This battery-operated wheelbarrow makes hauling easy for gardeners. It can efficiently transport heavy loads. It makes it convenient for the gardeners to work around the garden.

For introducing electrical power into such a simple tub, we’ve listed it as the best electric wheelbarrow of our time.

  • It can easily handle the toughest jobs as it’s well constructed.
  • The 12V battery has the capability to operate the whole day without recharging.
  • There is a front dump brace that makes unloading very easy.
  • You can take it around harsh terrains without causing the tires to go flat.
  • There is no indicator saying whether the wheelbarrow is in the forward or backward mode. So, the user has to be cautious.
  • The tires are not suitable to work in damp areas. So, you should always make sure that the place is dry to make the wheelbarrow last longer.
best electric wheelbarrow

9. Simplay3 Plastic – Best Ergonomic Wheelbarrow

Key Features

  • Made of heavy-duty plastic with rigid construction.
  • The pivots are made to be super heavy working.
  • The wheel of this model is 13.5 inches wide, enough for terrains.
  • Treads of the wheel are made not to slip over the ground.
  • Easy to tilt design with a sleek profile.
  • Dual compartment for holding up small essentials.
  • Able to hold 4 cubic feet inside the tub.
  • Double wall resin made construction.


At first glance, the placement of the wheel and the handle look something very ordinary. But only an expert gardener knows how it makes the differences. That carefully designed alignment of the wheels and the handle makes it one of the best weight distributors. Therefore, stuff won’t split over even when you’re rough terrain.

For this and some more unique design charismatics, it can be labeled as the best ergonomic wheelbarrow.

A flat tire is a nightmare for anyone who uses a wheelbarrow. But unlike even many popular models, this model is free of that curse. The easy haul wheels are made from molded plastic. And that’s great for durability.

As they have used high quality ball bearings to equip the wheels with, this might be a blessing. It’s ready to roll anytime and every time you push it through. As the dual wheel design, you can turn it into any direction you want.

Some of the wheelbarrows seem not to contain a comfortable handle. But Simplay3 believes that it’s an essential feature. The handle of this model is, however, made of a couple of easy-grip features. You can drag or push the cart even with one hand.

The overall profile might look too narrow, but don’t get carried away with that. There is a deep area inside the tub, and it can hold a good amount of dirt, debris, mulch and so on.

  • Convenient with spacious tub.
  • Extra deep, smart design to hold more.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Doesn’t get caught by rust, dent of breakage.
  • Easy to carry with the sleek but strong wheels.
  • A couple of easy grip handle, easier to grab.
  • From some extents, the dual compartments are unexpected extensions.
Best Ergonomic Wheelbarrow

10. Costzon Kids Metal – Best Kids’ Wheelbarrow

Key Features

  • Stainless steel made a frame to withstand rough usages.
  • No scratch edge for keeping the fingers of your baby safe.
  • Eco-friendly painting as the coat, is safe for kids as well.
  • Great maneuvering quality with the one wheeled design.
  • A weight capacity of 66, which is perfect for mini gardening.
  • Let’s your kids contain a whole lot of items into the flat tub.
  • The wheel is taken care of the jamming issue.
  • Completely safe and convenient for kid’s lawn fun time.


Sometimes, a wheelbarrow can be more than just a gardening cart for you. Think about engaging your kids into some constructive work like cleaning off the garden leaves etc. If you’re one such parent, then this one might sound interesting for you.

This Costzon Kids Metal is basically a one-wheeled gardening tub, but it features some real solid construction. The frame is made of stainless steel, which won’t let the wheelbarrow loose its shape and size.

Due to its superb quality constriction, we have the confidence that it will be super protective against environmental odds.

But the design doesn’t allow you to put any high and heavyweight objects. It’s rather a Kids wheelbarrow, which can hold soft things like flowers, leaves and so on.

That being said, it also is one of the safest type of Kids wheelbarrow. So, we would call it a solid grip barrow, and it makes the pushing comfortable for your kids. While playing, the little gardeners will never get tired of cleaning the garden off with Costzon Kids Metal – the best kid’s wheelbarrow in the market.

As we were saying before, this wheelbarrow is one wheeled. But that one wheel is made to roll on all kind of terrains. You can say that, because of not having another parallel wheel, it might be even more swiveling or comfortable. And kids just love it in this way, right?

  • Doesn’t lose the shape of the tub over time.
  • Completely safe for using by kids.
  • Ample frontal space to let kids collect stuff.
  • An all seasons playmate for your creative kids.
  • Non-slip handle is made for safe operating.
  • Quite pocket-friendly in terms of price.
  • Not a professional’s choice for gardening.
best kids' wheelbarrow

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Garden Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow was first invented in China and it had been in use for many years. The function of it still remains the same — it’s used to transport stuff and dispose of them. But over the years the construction of wheelbarrows got better and better making it more convenient for people to use it. You can buy a wheelbarrow for your gardening or construction works. Before buying, you should know the features well so that you can purchase the right one.

Capacity Wins

You should realize what kind of weight you are going to carry on the wheelbarrow; that is, whether you are going to carry bricks, cement or something heavier. Depending on what you will carry you will have to choose your wheelbarrow. There are various capacities of wheelbarrows available in the market. You should buy one that is suitable for carrying your desired loads.

Size Matters

The size of the cart matters for it to be useful. You should think about the space where you will be using it. If it’s a narrow gateway then you should buy something that is not bulky. If you have a large working area, then you can choose a bigger one.


The trays of the wheelbarrows can be made of metal or plastic. Metal trays are strong; however, they may rust. You may need to paint the trays again over time. On the other hand, Plastic trays are waterproof and light in weight. These trays are more resistant to things like an animal waste. If you want to load toxic items, then plastic tray is better.


Tires can be pneumatic or solid.  Pneumatic tires can move on rough terrain but they may puncture. Some of the modern pneumatic tires are puncture-proof. On the other hand, solid tires won’t puncture, but you won’t be able to move it as smoothly as pneumatic tires on rough terrains.

A Number of Wheels

You can buy either single or dual-wheel wheelbarrow. It is easier to move single wheel barrow. However, if you want more stability, you should buy twin wheel barrow.

You should carefully consider these features before buying your wheelbarrow. You must compare the products of different manufacturers and buy the one that best matches your purpose and budget.

Most Important Wheelbarrow Parts

The wheelbarrow is a very useful equipment for gardening. It’s used in construction works as well. It carries heavy items from one place to another. It is also used to dispose of materials like dirt, leaves, etc. from the garden. Best quality wheelbarrows have very rigid construction so that it can carry the load.

In the modern wheelbarrows have many features and components, but the handle, wheel and the tray of the wheelbarrow are the common parts. When you plan to buy a wheelbarrow you must make sure that these three parts are of high quality.

1. Wheelbarrow Handle

wheelbarrow handle

You will find two wheelbarrow handles to push it along the pavement or garden. The handles elements are usually metal or wood and the lengths of these handles vary from 36 inches to 60 inches.

Besides, the length of the handle is dependent on the size of the wheelbarrow tray. For better handling, these handles are covered with plastic, vinyl or even fiberglass. Good handles will help you to push the wheelbarrow easily without much effort.

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2. Wheelbarrow Tray

Wheelbarrow Liner for 6 Cubic Feet Wheelbarrows, Black Recycled Poly

The wheelbarrow tray is where you carry the stuffs, whether it’s gravel, dirt, rocks, cement or anything else. Those trays element are wood, steel, or plastic. Size of the tray varies from 4 cubic feet to 12 cubic feet.

You can replace the trays, so you won’t need to buy a new wheelbarrow even if your tray turns into a bad shape. Some manufacturers make sure that the trays are corrosive-free.

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3. Wheelbarrow Wheel

Universal Fit, Flat Free Wheelbarrow Tire

There are various kinds of wheelbarrows available in the market. So, you will find one-wheel, two-wheels or even four-wheels. The wheels are air-filled and flat-free which gives better stability.

Besides, good quality wheels can handle heavier loads. Different manufacturers make tires of different sizes. It depends on the size of the entire wheelbarrow so that a good balance can be achieved. It helps in comfortable movement along any difficult terrains.

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These are the essential parts of a wheelbarrow and these must be well constructed to achieve great results. If the handle, tray, and wheel of the wheelbarrow are of high quality then it will last for a long time.

Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

1Q. What wheelbarrow material is weather resistant?

Mostly, wheelbarrows that have tubs made of poly PVC canvas, and stainless steel with a coat, are weather resistant.

2Q. What diameter of wheelbarrow tires are good?

It has no definite answers. Usually, any diameter more than 10 inches should be good to go.

3Q. How frequently wheelbarrow tires need to be inflated?

Some flat-free tires don’t need any inflation at all. Rest of the tires are air-tight, need to be inflated once in a week (based on use).

4Q. What kind of wheelbarrows are perfect for children?

There are some lightweight and compact wheelbarrows that don’t have that much capacity, but are perfect for kids.

5Q. 1 wheel, 2 wheels or 4 wheels – which barrows are good?

Each of these have their own selling points. 1-wheeler are good for narrow gardens, 2 wheelers are for spacious lawns and 4 wheelers are for heavy workloads.

6Q. Are wheelbarrow handles comfortable to operate?

When handles comes with soft coverings, you can operate with them quite comfortably.

Few Last Words

A wheelbarrow is essential for gardeners, construction workers and other people who need to move heavy items. It is also an useful equipment and has made works easier for people. If there was no wheelbarrow then people would have to carry the loads on hands and they may have caused injuries. In fact, it looks very simple but it has lots of functionalities.

When you purchase wheelbarrow make sure you read the reviews and see the ratings. It is always wise to buy from a reputed manufacturer. If you buy one of above, it will last a long time and will give you great service.

In last, Wheelbarrows is something you will be using regularly. So, you should never compromise with its quality even if you have to exceed your budget a bit. Finally, If you like this wheelbarrow reviews post, then share this post with your crazy gardener friends.

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    I am one of those people who assumed you could only use a wheelbarrow while in the garden or maybe during construction .

    It turns out that you can also use this specific one to move house equipment as it can handle heavy appliances like dishwashers refrigerators and furniture as well.
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      Capacity – Realize what kind of weight you are going to carry on the wheelbarrow.

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