6 Best Gorilla Carts Reviews 2020: Buy The Best Garden Cart

Everyone has a dream to have a beautiful garden in their home. An impressive garden definitely increases the beauty of a house. But the garden should be neat and clean. Of course, you always try to keep clean your garden. But it is really a bit difficult without having the right tools for your garden. Nothing is better to have the right garden cart in your garden. It not only helps to keep the garden neat but also it can be used many other purposes.

Yard cart or the wheelbarrow is a valuable tool when you have a big garden or yard. It’s a simple tool that can carry a different amount of goods at the same time and let you shift one place to another. Carts are also used in construction site, but those are little more rigid and bigger in capacity.

It’s really a tough job to find out the best garden cart because all garden carts claim to be the best. In this situation, gorilla carts reviews can be the best solution for you. However, Gorilla has made some heavy-duty, strong carts which are perfect for using construction site though. You know Gorilla Carts are made with ergonomically, and they have highly functional features. We request you to read the Gorilla carts user’s reviews so that you can understand are they really eligible for your garden or not!

Here we recommend their highly functional carts so that you can choose the right cart for you.

6 Best Gorilla Carts Reviews 2020

Gorilla is one of the top brands when it comes to garden carts. In today’s article, we are going to review some best Gorilla carts within budget.

1. Gorilla Carts GOR4PS: 600-Pound Capacity

Our first gorilla cart is for Gorilla Carts GOR4PS. This is a pretty necessary kind of yard cart for everyday use. It’s simple and makes loading or unloading heavy loads easy.

The cart comes with patented dumping features. It can pull 600 pounds of load at a time. That is similar to 3 full bags of mulch. Also, it has a four-wheel design that let the cart maneuver easily on uneven terrain when full load. It’s an excellent alternative to the traditional wheelbarrow.

The tub makes any loading or unloading work quick and organizing. It’s plastic tub so does not stain easily. You can put anything on it. Hauling dirt, rocks, cutting grass, potted plants anything could be kept in here. Its sleek surface makes the cleaning shinning a lot easier.

As per description the dimension of the items is 38.7x20x19.5 inches, and weight is around 32 pounds. Additionally, this Gorilla cart comes with one year of limited warranty.

Quick Assembly Tips: GOR4PS Cart

  • Easily dump or tilt the wagon bed.
  • Padded handle makes pushing easier.
  • High capacity to carry things like soil, dirt or potted plants.
  • Rust-proof poly tray for durable use.
  • Takes 30 min to set up.
  • The hardware may end up getting hard to push over time.

2. Gorilla Carts GOR6PS: 1200-Pound Capacity

If you want a cart that is more than a ‘yard cart’ then you will like this one. The Gorilla Carts GOR6PS is a heavy-duty garden cart that can pull around 1200 pounds of goods easily. It has 40 by 25 inches poly bed including steel; frame and black finish. The plastic body is so hard which could last more than ten years if you continuously load nothing but rocks.

Another useful feature that is important for the cart is dump release. It has the facility to release the dump to make load/unload faster quickly. The cart comes with four 13-inches padded tires. The tires look no fancy but tough to roll on rocky, uneven terrains.

Furthermore, this heavy-duty dump Cart includes a handle to pull the cart. This handle also works as a hitch to attach on ATV, truck or tractor.

As per description, the product dimension is 44×15.7×26.2 lbs. and weighs 54 lbs. The cart is suitable for light-duty home works to heavy-duty commercial places.

  • The wheels make moving very easy especially on hilly terrain.
  • 2-in-1 Convertible Handle
  • It has held up correctly dumping all the loads.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Usable on construction sites also to carry crushed stones.
  • The handle is well-griped and easy to put together.
  • Though it can bear 1k plus pounds weight, a lock mechanism will be more useful for work.
  • The hitch that joins the cart with lawn tractor is made of very soft metal.

3. Gorilla Carts GOR866D: 1200-Pound Capacity

Here is another big size massive duty tool for different kinds of garden and construction works. The Gorilla Carts GOR866D is ideal transportation that makes moving and unloading goods around the patio effortless.  You can use it on any gardening and landscaping projects. It is made of high-quality poly with sturdy metal frame with a black finish. All the materials with the cart are very durable and won’t chip or crack easily. These are rust resistant and also clean very quickly.

The cart comes with four 13-inch tires with a soft grip handle. The tires are so tight that won’t tire or puncture even with heavy load carrying on pointy rocky paths. You can see maximum 1200 lbs goods on the cart.

The cart is designed to release the dump very quickly and makes the unloading fast. The handle of the cart is small like ‘D’ shape. Some useful things it could be wider for better convenience. But the thing is you can use this handle as hitch also. So, if needed you could attach it on your lawn truck and carry the entire cart without pulling it by hand.

As per description, the product dimension is 45.2×25.6×25.2 lbs. and weight 60 lbs.

Quick Assembly Tips: GOR866D Cart

  • Great size for taking a large sum of goods.
  • Suitable for carrying all type of materials.
  • Durable tires.
  • Easy to pull.
  • Cheap in price.
  • The tire materials smell bad.
  • The assembling process is a bit uneasy.

4. Gorilla Carts GOR1001-COM: 1000-Pound Capacity

If you need something different as a cart for multiple jobs, then you will like this one. The Gorilla Carts GOR1001 is newly designed heavy-duty steel made a cart for hauling and unloading light to bulky loads. It comes with all removable sides. Which means the railing of the cart is detachable. So, one can use it as a box cart of just a van for shifting the goods.

The cart also comes with a D-shape handle to pull the weight. It stands on four 13-inch tires. These are pneumatic tires and easy to attach or detach. The cart is easy to assemble also.

As per description, the cart is 66.5 lbs. and 56.1×24.6×26.5 lbs. in size. You can load it 1000 pounds of goods and also hooked up with a lawn tractor, ATV, etc.

  • A useful utility cart to use in many ways.
  • The removable part makes the carrying simpler.
  • The large size and massive capacity for heavy loading.
  • 2-in-1 padded convertible handle.
  • Sturdy tires are good for rough usage.
  • Affordable cost.
  • The mesh wire is only supported by the frame. As a result, it could break or loosen over time.

5. Gorilla Carts GOR800-COM: 800-Pound Capacity

The Gorilla Carts GOR800 is a little bit smaller in capacity and the size of the GOR1001. But it has a cute red color that might catch your eye. For features, it’s a 45.9 lbs cart with 39.6 inches height. It can bear loads like 650-700 pounds. But the manufacturer says you can move more than 800 pounds with it. But we don’t think the wire mesh is that rigid to bear this much loads.

It’s a good utility cart with removable railings. That means you can use it as flatbed or dolly with fences. The good thing is there is no need for any tools to remove the railings. Like the other gorilla cart, this one is suitable to hook up with lawn truck. Moving things like lumber, fans post or trees are much more comfortable with this 43.5 by 39.6-inch cart.

  • The lovely red color looks cool with the cart design.
  • Detachable sides.
  • Easy gliding durable tires.
  • It takes a few times to assemble.
  • Suitable for light to medium loads.
  • The loading capacity is slightly lower than is recommended.
  • Has same support problem, the thin wire mesh is only supported by body frame.

6. Gorilla GOR400-COM: 400-Pound Capacity

Last but not least. If you want a small size convenient cart, then the Gorilla Carts GOR400 is a perfect one to consider. Form cutting grass to cut lumber anything related to farming or outdoor jobs could be carrying on this. It includes a steel wire mesh bed with four tires, one soft grip handle. Like the other two carts above this one also has removable sides. You can carry 300-400 lbs. of goods on it at a time. The cart includes 10 inches pneumatic turf tires. These tires are ideal for tackling rocky, uneven surface.

As per description, this cart is 40.6×18.3×37 inches and 36.6 lbs. This small size of the yard cart also comes with a year of warranty. You can use it with your ATM or lawn tracks as well. Overall, a small yard cart for light duty jobs.

  • Nicely built and durable.
  • Comes with detachable railings.
  • Easy to add with other vehicles.
  • Good for moving any goods light-medium.
  • Moves effortlessly.
  • The assembling time is a bit lengthy.
  • For the size, the prize is a bit higher.

Buying Guide – How To Choose the Right Gorilla Garden Carts

It’s a little bit difficult to choose the right garden cart for you as there have many types of Gorilla carts in the market. The cart design and structure is the first thing to consider. You have to take the decision keeping the matter in mind that how you use the cart. After selecting the type, you also should consider the following significant factors.

Carrying Capacity

You should think twice before buying a garden cart every time. If your garden cart doesn’t match to your work demand, your garden cart becomes useless. If you only carry some compost in small bags and few tools, then you can choose a cart having four cubic feet space.

On the other hand, you should choose a big cart that sides are removable when you need to carry heavy loads. Removable sides help in loading and unloading. Just think, does the cart have space to accommodate the goods you want to move with the cart? If you calculate, your decision will be right, we think.

Bed Construction Material

The strength of a garden cart dramatically depends on the material used to construct the bed of the garden cart. The material determines how much load the cart will be able to handle. Usually, three elements are used differently to make a bed of a cart, polyethylene, plastic, and steel. Polyethylene beds are suitable for different weather and usually used to carry a small load. They are also scratch-resistance.

Plastic bed carts are lightweight and easy to carry. These beds are usually used to carry light to medium load. But they are not long-lasting and tent to cracking when little more loads are carried.

The most durable and robust bed is constructed of steel. A steel garden cart is always chosen to carry heavy loads. Steel beds are durable and long-lasting, but they require care; otherwise, they are prone to rust. That is why you should clean the cart finely after use every time.


All the lightweight garden cart’s tires are made with plastic. Plastic tires are good options when you only carry light to medium loads. They also demand less maintenance. Plastic tires run smoothly over a smooth and flat surface. They never get punctured.

On the other hand, pneumatic tires are used in the carts that are used to carry heavy loads. They are ideal for both rough and flat surfaces. The tires have shock absorbance capacity, and that is why they run smoothly over rough terrain. But they can be punctured if anything penetrates towards inside.

Your Strength

Most of the buyers skip this point before buying a garden cart, but it is a very important factor. You should think about your strength that whether will you be able to pull the fully loaded cart or not? You should always choose a cart with which you can do the work smoothly. Don’t select a cart that is too big and will be challenging to work.

Advantages of Garden Cart over Wheelbarrow

Either a wheelbarrow or a garden cart, both of them are important for your garden. You need to understand the nature of work and working purposes; then you should decide what will be the best option for you. After all, a garden cart has some advantages over a wheelbarrow, and here we show that. We hope this section helps you to make the right decision on what exactly you need!

  • You know the garden cart has several wheels, and all the wheels withstand touching the ground always. That means the loads directly transmit to the ground through tires. That is why a garden cart requires less effort from the user, which is dissimilar to a wheelbarrow. Naturally, you can carry more loads on a garden cart.
  • In a garden cart, the wheels are placed on each side. For the tires distribution, a garden cart is more stable than a wheelbarrow. For this reason, the tipping chance is very low in the case of a garden cart.
  • A garden cart is always a good option over wheelbarrow regarding carrying capacity. With the garden cart, you will be able to carry heavy and bulky loads.


The entire cart models here with different capacity and offer long durable service on any tough situations or places. Besides, Gorilla offers good customers services to co-operate its users. Depending on the yard size, work type, and your other preference choose one of these best Gorilla carts for your home.

Our top editor’s choice for ultimate best Gorilla cart is Gorilla Carts GOR6PS. This one is good for any size of garden/lawn patio, also, easy to store. For a long-time hassle-free service, you can surely have this one.

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