Are LED Grow Lights Harmful On Human Eyes?

In case you are associated with indoor growing, it’s impossible that you don’t deal with LED grow lights. On a regular basis, you’ve to go and check the plants out under the light.

But the million-dollar question is- are LED grow lights harmful on human Eyes? Are they causing any serious damage to your health anyway?

We’ve got to tell you the answer in this post. Stay tuned.

What Material Does LED Light Contain?

To understand its effect on human, you’ve to understand the material that it’s made of. Originally, there are some potentially harmful materials present in LED grow lights, Mercury being one of them. But that turns to a bio-hazard only if you get to clean a broken LED bulb in person.

However, the ratio of mercury is not so harmful to an ordinary person. But in case you are a pregnant woman or a child, you’re not advised to clean up a broken LED light by hands.

The good part is, recent productions of LED grow lights are being safer than the previous lots.

Effects of LED Grow Lights on Human Eyes

Lights should have a direct effect on the human eye, and no exception for LED lights. So, let’s discuss the effect of LED grow lights on human eyes anyway-

The three factors that you’ve to understand there are-

  1. Light intensity
  2. Light wavelength and
  3. Light duration.

First of all, bright and intense light causes temporary damage to human sight. Take a simple example on this- if you look for a long time to a shiny and bright table lamp, your vision will be temporarily in a dilemma. Similarly, if you work under intense grow light for long, it will affect that-wise.

When it comes to wavelengths, most of them are not badly effective. But beware of the LED lights that emit UV lights, as they are harmful for the eyes and skin.

Also, make sure that your time spent under the light is minimal. During the light cycle, spend as less time as possible under the LED lights in your grow tent.

Effects of LED Grow Lights on Human Health

Apart from the effect of LEDs on eyes, there are other health factors to consider as well. Have a look-

  1. Spending more than a few hours under the grow LED lights can affect on your night-time sleep. This is the same reasons why doctors forbid to stay on mobile phones while you’re sleeping.
  2. Too much closely put LED grow lights may cause you a skin burn. So, maintain a decent distance to them.
  3. In case of accidental electrical incidents, they might cause sparks or ignitions. So, ensure a safe electric connection and voltage control into your grow room.

Bottom Line

LED lights are, however, way more safe for you comparing to other high intensity grow lights. There are still some cautions and risks, which can be well-avoided if handles with care. So, keep a sharp eye on those factors to stay safe completely!


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